What's SafeOcean?


Istant Donation

Thanks to our Smart Chain technology you can immediately donate to the best organizations in the world through SafeOcean


Simple and Safe

Thanks to blockchain your donation will circulate in a safe block. Discover how to donate in 3 simple steps by clicking HERE.


Get an ROI

Increase your gain thanks to the normal nature of the market for our good cause. Get a fixed percentage out of your investment and donation

The common cause

Saving the ocean and the animal from pollution and plastic.

The middle

The Fintech Tecnology to increase the value of donations to the Onluses and avoid inflation and finance the new technology.

The goal

Becom the official currency between donators, investors and organizations for the safeguard of the oceans.

How do we do it? Simple finance.

The mediatic value of our service and our currency has made it possible to be featured in big magazines of the industry.

This "Snow Ball" effect, is creating a big interest from everybody.

How does it benefit you?

We created the news economy for donators, investors and organizations.

YOU GET AN ROI OUT OF YOUR DONATION. And this would be a very attractive feature if we were here to just talk about pure economy.

But what you're really doing is guaranteeing a major impact on your single donation. Your donation could even decuplicate in value bringing a big ROI to your initial investment, but mainly a major increase in value in your donation and your environmental protection effort.

So, what are we asking you?

We will be on the News and in everyone's mouth to push our idea and impact the world.

We need your help to have this impact.


We donate to the biggest organizations for the safeguard of the oceans.

The criteria we look at to choose the organizations we will donate to.

- Community
- Where they allocate their investment for new faster and better technology.
- Research and development.
- Partnership with university.
- Mediatic value (are they famous and get published often?)


Be the first one to be updated on partnership and news.


- Weekly News.
- Updates.
- Strategic Partnership
- Airdrops


Join the community and talk to the holders.


- Speak with the C-Suite, we’re always answering questions.
- Marketing and Tech.
- Live Video.
- Q&A.
- Speak with the holders.


Functionalities SafeOcean.

BUY 9%


Will be immediately donated to the organizations.


Will increase the corporate SafeOcean liquidity.


It will be used for marketing and development.


It will go to our developers for greater benefits.

SELL 14%


Will be immediately donated to the organizations.


Will increase the corporate SafeOcean liquidity.


It will be used for marketing and development.


It will go to our developers for greater benefits.



Emergency: 1.5%

Liquidity: 24.5%

Marketing: 5%

Advisor/Partner: 4%

Exchange: 20%

Team: 4%

Donations: 1%

Staking: 15%

Burn: 20%

Private Presale: 5%

RoadMap SafeOcean

Our long term goals reflect our mission to position ourselves as the actual currency for donations that will help increase the impact thanks to financial laws of the market and compound interest.

November, 23, 2021SafeOcean Foundation.

November, 26, 2021Notoriety Newspaper.

December, 1, 2021.SafeOcean News Style.

January, 25, 2021Start Private Sale.

February, 8, 2021Airdrop.

In Progress.Listing on Pancakeswap.

In Progress.Marketing with influencer.

In Progress.First Donation.

In Progress.Audit.

In Progress.Listing on Coingecko.

In Progress.Listing on CoinMarketCap.

In Progress.DexTool.

In Progress.Listing on CEX.

In Progress.SafeOcean Swap.

In Progress.SafeOcean App. Android/iOS

In Progress.SafeOcean Mechandising.

In Progress.SafeOcean NFT.

In Progress.20-50k Holders.

In Progress.Financing of Tecnology Seabin.

The Guide - How To Invest?

your Trust Wallet.

Go to
search for
tokens/manage at the
top right.

Scroll down to
find "Add a custom

Click on "Add custom
token" and Copy/Paste
token information.

Who Are We?


Francesco B.

CEO & Founder

- Developer Blockchain and Software.
- Developer Web and DApps.
- Cryptocurrency and Blockchain expert.
- Researcher of new environmental technologies.
- Environmentalist.


Luca S.

CTO & CO-Founder

- Cryptocurrency and Blockchain expert.
- Expert in territorial marketing.
- Experience as a volunteer.
- Environmentalist.


Giuseppe S.

Marketing Manager

- Community builder.
- Many years of experience in the development of commercial networks.
- Five-year experience in the cryptocurrency market.
- Investor in new technologies.


Federico S.

Head of Growth

- Experience as the head of marketing of the first company that uses Cryptocurrencies to exchange and pay for legal marijuana in more than 20 states
- Fintech and Green energies expert.
- Interviewed on the major magazines in Italy, Libero Quotidiano, US Times, New York Business Now, Hustle Weekly, Stars of Entrepreneurship e Business Sharks Magazine.